SharePoint Application

Get the Most of SharePoint’s Out-of- the-Box Features!

Microsoft SharePoint offers an impressive set of tools that enables businesses to create outstanding websites, store, organize, and access data from any device. At DevCare Solutions, we understand the increasing needs of businesses for portable software that makes app development and management completely hassle-free. Our aim is to offer fully customizable solutions to meet your individual needs. From implementation to management, we make the use of SharePoint a breeze for you.

End-to- End SharePoint Services for Enhanced Work Efficiency

Every business had unique requirements and operational needs. Therefore, a platform like Microsoft SharePoint is the most basic requirement for businesses to run smoothly. Managing day-to- day tasks, employees, content, and data can become nerve-racking. However, at DevCare Solutions, we offer complete SharePoint deployment, consulting, and management services to ensure that your business’s workflow remains smooth. We have a professional team that looks at our clients’ needs and offers all SharePoint related services to them. We also integrate custom applications for you depending upon your needs and business requirements.

Complete SharePoint Development Services

Whether it is deploying SharePoint or developing new apps, our experts have got your back. At DevCare Solutions, we let your relax by managing all your content management needs using Microsoft SharePoint so that you have time to look-after other important company operations. We offer the following SharePoint development services to businesses looking for maximum work-efficiency:

Design and Branding
We have a highly skilled design team that excels at creating highly attractive, intuitive, and engaging SharePoint themes and templates. Our designers aim at making your online business portal as appealing as possible. Furthermore, with their design expertise, our team works closely with clients to offer customized design solutions for SharePoint including page layouts, administer control tools, site destinations, CSS, and man more.

Workflow and Collaboration
With the help of our SharePoint designers and third-party tools, we create intuitive workflows for better business collaboration. Our team also monitors and observes your business workflow by noting information about repeated and standardized business processes to design better systems and portals.

Consulting Services
We have a designated SharePoint consulting team that will analyze your business, collect relevant information, and take notes of your unique business needs to offer you better solutions. We do all this by making use of the impressive and technologically advanced features of SharePoint.

Installation, Configuration, and Deployment
SharePoint technology is advanced and only those with expertise in it are able to deploy it in the most efficient and customized way. At DevCare Solutions, we have a team of experts capable of handling all SharePoint related tasks including installing, configuring, customizing, deployment, and eventually managing.

Customized SharePoint Development
Depending upon your business needs, we develop custom SharePoint solutions. We integrate the relevant systems, tools, and features to give you a perfect end-product. We also keep in touch with you to customize your web applications, systems, and dashboards for optimal results.

Complete Support
At DevCare, we don’t leave you hanging in the air. We have a separate administrative team that looks after your SharePoint platform to ensure that everything is working smoothly. Our team will also enhance features and perform regular maintenance so your platform works perfectly at all times with little or no chance of errors.

Constant Updates
Our team of experts will keep your SharePoint up-to-date with the latest versions alongside handling data migration tasks.