JobPencil, our job portal connects professionals and companies to nail the right job and the best resource at the right time. opens doors to people seeking employment and to companies to fulfill their requirements. Professionals can find the best job matching their skills and location. offers unique features like video conferencing, earn per view and multi-user management in a single account. We serve our customers in sourcing and hiring highly skilled professionals in a manner which is far superior to the prevailing standards. aims to provide the most powerful resume search. We have incorporated advanced features to arrive at a consolidated list of resumes that would be a right fit for your job openings. By maintaining a large talent-pool that reflects industry trends, excellent resource match is quick and easy. Our advanced search functionality helps you specify your requirements more elaborately, thus revealing a more accurate list of job seekers. Online quiz through our question bank helps in the initial screening while video conferencing helps in figuring out the presentation skills.


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