Cloud Architecture

Get Complete Control of Your Business Activities with Cloud Services!

DevCare Solutions is one of the leading cloud service providers due to our early adaptation of superior cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Rackspace etc. Businesses looking to digitize their operations and optimize computing resources should invest in cloud services. Our tech-experts continually scale the cloud environment to ensure that your business is able to advance with technology and meet increasing industry demands.

Exponential Reduction of IT Costs

The numerous software and tools you use to maintain and manage different business operations can cost you a lot over the years. However, if you opt for cloud services, you will be able to reduce your resource consumption costs, which will result in overall decreased business costs.

Optimize Your Business Performance with Cloud!

At DevCare Solutions, we offer transforming cloud services to businesses looking for enhanced workflow and operational management. Cloud is economically more viable than buying the Infrastructure outright or hosting it externally. The commissioning and usage of cloud infrastructure can be fine tuned to be increasingly optimal to improve the cost-performance ratio and the usual overheads associated with running and maintaining an application is greatly reduced.

Personalized Cloud Services for Your Business!

Want to align your business infrastructure with cloud? At DevCare Solutions, we offer private cloud services to businesses looking for customized cloud solutions. Our personalized cloud services aim at making your business operations more scalable. We help meet your virtual computing needs in the most target-oriented manner to help you achieve your company goals much more efficiently.

We offer an extensive range of cloud services including the following:

PaaS Commissioning, Configuration, Deployment and Maintenance
We allow businesses to develop, run, edit, and manage applications without needing to get in the hassle of making tweaks to the infrastructure.

SaaS Recommendation, Configuration and Maintenance
Make use of as many software and applications as you like on our cloud platform.

Hybrid cloud Architecture and Maintenance
Make use of our hybrid cloud architecture for improved operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness. This cloud infrastructure will allow you to get the most out of your business infrastructure with continual improvement.

Cost analysis and fine tuning Cost Performance Ratio
With the help of our cloud services, you will be able to manage various business activities in a more streamlined manner. The use of virtual computing solutions, you will be able to analyze business costs and make better strategies for cost-efficiency.

Cloud Computing in a nutshell